Monday, January 17, 2011

Food best enjoyed with people

I love food - eat it, make it, buy it, whatever. Which is why I have quite a skisma on my hands: I really love that I got (or to put it more correctly: Rasmus got) a fantastic cook book this christmas, which I plan to make my food bible this year. it's actually 365 recipes structured in 52 weeks. I love structure too, so this book should be my perfect match. But alas, for some weird reason I have never been that good with cook books - it's too bossy and rigid.

So let this be my new years resolution: respect the cook book, it's been put together for a reason and probably with great thoughts behind it.

 Anyways, I will show it one of these days!
Bottom line: this might be the last non-cook-book-supper-pictures. Ever.

But not the last pictures of people eating - I know, it's very rude to take pictures of people when they eat, but it is one of my favourite things: having people over and eat with them.

1. picture: Something stirred together on a pan. Main ingredients: pork filet, potatoes, celery, leek, fresh thyme and chili. Salt, pepper, etc. I boiled the potato and celery slices a bit before roasting it.

2. picture: Winter soup - roast the vegetables from your refigerator in garlic, chili, etc. Boil it in a broth, blend the ingredients, and add cream. Cream and garlic are my two main ingredients if I want things to taste good. Not healthy good, but good-good.

3. picture: Brunch with Rasmus and his lovely littlesister Bodil. Rasmus doesn't normally eat with a hat on.


Rasmus Therkildsen said...

I think I'll start wearing the while eating.

mette/ungt blod said...

beautiful photos! makes me so hungry and all i have got is good coffee and havregrynskugler (oatmeal balls just does not sound right!!)

Dennis said...

Rasmus ought to eat all his meals with a hat! "He's too cool for school but he'll eat your food"

young said...

Is it Meyer's Almanak? My boyfriend got it for Christmas as well. We've only tried a couple of the recipes so far, but they've been quite good.
The book is so beautifully made! I think that is what drew us to it in the first place, but the recipes look pretty neat and hopefully it will be fun to cook.

CopenhagenMuffin said...

aj, jeg genkender Rasmus fra DAC - var det dig, der var med til en fredagsabar, hvor der var Sing Star og I skulle i biografen og de en meget socialrealistisk film og vi forsøgte Meget ihærdigt at overtale jer til at blive? Det håber jeg - jeg var fuld, men jeg kan huske at jeg tænkte at I var top cool'e. Og either way - hvis det ikke var dig - er du garanteret lige så cool. Glæder mig til at læse med :)

POP TART said...

Yes it is Meyer's Almanak - and it's beautiful, thick, heavy as hell, and has only provided me with delicious food so far. I can recommend the Vegatarian Curry and "langtidstegt oksebov i øl og rodfrugter" - or something like that!