Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Neighbourhood

Thursday was a perfect day for a walk outside - snow, sun, birds in trees; I could almost imagine them whistling... But of course they didn't, and tomorrow everything is probably grey again, so let's enjoy it on film at least!

Kiki's corner is a fantastic café, I presume or hope or imagine; I never had the chance to go there, since it closes at 10 pm (and opens at 10 am), and it's definitely not a place for coffee! Alas, one of these days...

There is also lots of cranes and smoke and pipes producing smoke, which I like very much. Don't know why, just do. Maybe my mother should have bought more cranes for me, when I was a kid?

The sign on top of the hot dog stand is a favourite of mine - it's really not translatable (at all!), but here goes:

"The court has thou declared,
of my sausages,
you will never get tired"

Have a fantastic weekend!


la_sale_bete said...

I like your blog (which I found through Ungt Blod). The hot dog sign is terrific! A very high recommendation for those hot dogs.

POP TART said...

Thank you, and yes, I love this sign + their hot dogs - but mostly after some amount of beer!