Monday, January 24, 2011

A Very Beautiful Cemetery

I have a feeling that to most people, using cemeteries for sunbathing, jogging, picnics, romantic walks, etc. seem a bit morbid. Nonetheless, that is what we do here in Copenhagen. And I live with one of these places practically in my back yard.

Vestre Kirkegård (Western Cemetery) is from 1870, and it lies right next to a kindergarden, a prison, and me. It is also the largest cemetery in Denmark and has all kinds of dead people, most of them with their own special departement: There's a Catholic, Muslim, Faroese, and a Greenlandic section AND one for members of the Salvation Army. Impressive, right?

One of the most famous areas are (not officially) called The Red Sea, since it lies around the lake and has hosted "meritorious"people since 1932, such as former prime ministers. Jens Otto Kragh is probably the most famous one, but Thorvald Stauning is my favourite. He was perhaps a Danish equivalent to Franklin D. Roosevelt; both served as president/prime minister during WWII and died during or just at the end of it. I like that.

These pictures are from around Christmas, so it's not as snowy today, but the weather forecast-people have promised that the snow will return soon. I hope so! (Also because I just bought new winter boots)

Another beautiful cemetery is on Amager, also here in Copenhagen. One of my favourite blogs, Ungtblod, made a post about it earlier this winter.


Esther said...

a hellohello from tyksland.

you have such a lovable blog, so I added it to my list of blogs on my blog.

and that's enough blog for now ;)

keep the good stuff going,



jagulor said...

I'm developing a blog crush...

It is so sweet what your doing. I have also included you on my blog roll...

Have a good afternoon from Melbourne

xx Kym

CopenhagenMuffin said...

Nu er du også op vores blog roll :)

Lækre billeder - det er sådan en super lækker hemlig kirkegård.

Og så til noget helt andet:

Skriver du med normal eller stor skrift? Din er meget rar at læse - grafisk også - vores er lidt for lille...

God dag :)

POP TART said...

Hey thank you, Esther, Kym and CoppenhagenMuffin - aka who??

I've added you too - and look forward to seeing what you''re up to!

Og CopenhagenMuffin, jeg bruger 15px og Arial - du kan rette det inde i 'avanceret' under design. Men det ser da ud til at være blevet større nu, synes jeg?

CopenhagenMuffin said...

tak! Ja, det er blevet lidt større - men ser det ikke lidt pensionist-venligt ud nu??

aka - sender dig lige en mail :)

Asli said...

Skønne billeder!
Det røde hav er også mit yndlingssted på Vestre Kirkegård :-)