Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Summer Anytime Soon?

I'm generally not a summer-person. I think it's so stressful, since you are actually able to be anywhere, which makes me feel that not only can I; I should be everywhere aaaaall the time!

Also, I thought I would never miss summer again after the hottest 5 weeks in Japan last year. But now, alas, I do.  So now I'm reminiscing about some good sommer times.

1 + 2 + 3: Flo and Joy from Berlin visited us in Copenhagen, so we took them to the beach and took them to one of the many festivals here in Copenhagen during the summer.

4: Ice coffee in Matsuyama, Japan, beautifully served with the funniest sugar gel. I never really got the idea with this, especially because I don't use sugar in my coffee. But I did eat them every time, hoping they might taste of something different. They didn't, but we had tons of ice coffee, so I had a lot of sugar gel.

5: Thordis and I made a radio show about Roskilde Festival at the university radio, so we went there some time in early June to check it out before it's taken over by tents and drunken people. Calm before the storm. Lovely.