Wednesday, March 16, 2011


My Grandfather died 10 days ago, and last friday we burried him from a very beautiful church on a hill near the ocean close to where I grew up. Unfortunately I can't show you the church or the hill or the ocean, since I didn't bring my camera - it seemed inappropriate!

I did, however, buy this little plant and eat an unseemingly large amount of meatballs to honor his memory; he loved meatballs with cabbage stew and boiled potatos, and so do I. Does it sound disgusting? Well, it tastes fantastic.

I also bought this yellow candle holder at Louisiana, where I went to see Walton Ford - I took aaa looot of photos, which I found out afterwards I wasn't aloud to, but hey, now I get to share them with you, so that's good.

I'll show you them one of these days.

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