Thursday, March 24, 2011

I love birthdays!

... especially mine!

 Here's some quick photos (don't have my camera with me, so you'll get to see the real ones latter) of a great day with the perfect breakfast, gifts, dinner and my family! - the last pictures is from after they left :-) 

Tarte Tatin is the best cake in the world (yes, and I mean it) besides from pop tarts, of course. It's also quite easy to make, and the pastry is the same for pop tarts (which means you can use the spare pastry for a couple of them), so there you go: the perfect cake!

Tarte Tatin: 

1 kilo of apples (preferably cox orange)
125 gr. butter
175 gr. sugar

200 gr. flour
50 gr. icing sugar
125 gr. butter
1 egg

Mix flour, icing sugar and butter with your bare hands and do it good. Ad the egg and knead the pastry until it's smooth and nice. Put it in the refrigerator for an hour aprox.

Melt 2/3 of the butter on an iron pan (with iron handles - NOT plastic!), add 2/3 of the sugar. When it's mixed, put in the apples, which are cut in halves, with the curved side downwards. Cook it on medium heat for 15-20 minutes or until the apples are tender and the caramel bubbles up in between the apples. 

Roll out the pastry to a size a bit larger than the pan, aprox. 1/2 a centimeter thick. Lay the pastry over the apples and tuck it in round the edge of the pan.

Put the pan in the oven for 35 minutes in 175 degrees, or until the pastry is light brown.

Let the pan cool for 30 minutes and turn the pan upside down on beautiful platter, if you have on, I don't, - et voila!

Serve it with vanilla ice and then take a nap.

Bon appetit!


mette/ungt blod said...

HURRA HURRA HURRA HURRA! fødslesdage er det b e d s t e!

Dennis said...

Forsinket tillykke med fødselsdagen Louise!! 4 platforme in your face!

Rebekah Christel said...

fed blog!

jeg tænkte, nu hvor din blog hedder pop tarts, ved du så tilfældigvis om og hvor man kan købe pop tarts i danmark?

love R.

POP TART said...

Tak skal I ha, fødselsdag er det bedste!

Og Rebekah, nej, desværre! Jeg er meget velbevandret ud i hindbærsnittens luner til gengæld, og vil i mod sætning til mange andre, ikke anbefale Meyers nyfortolkning - why fix it if it ain't broken?