Sunday, May 01, 2011

Happy May Day!

This is how it looked in 1914 - it doesn't anymore. But there's still something to it! I didn't have time, though, to go out and meet people today, so instead I listened to a radio broadcast from a May Day a long time ago - maybe the 50'ies -, reading the paper, and eating filled chocolates. Yes, I turned 60 this week :-)

Every sunday the Danish broadcasting company sends what the call 'the radio classicals'; a show from around 50 years ago, sometimes a mix of several shows on the same subject. What fascinates me the most about these shows, is how a language can change in such a small period of time; the diction, vocabulary, pace, and intonations are all so different.

But most importantly, this show fits with the chocolate and overall dustiness in my living room today. All that's missing is a big cat.

Have a great Sunday and International Workers' Day!

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