Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Love is the drug

So. Last wedding post. Just so that we can move on to the honey moon. Don't you just love all the love??

A favourite band of mine sings "love is the drug", and I concur (and always wanted to use that word in a real sentence).

Speaking of drugs, one of them was definitely Rasmus' mom's homemade macarons. After some time of begging, she caved in and agreed to make them coloured. She is usually very into the hole no-artificial-colouring-thing (I love wine gums, so I'm not), but she made an exception. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of the red and blue ones, but you can probably imagine.

Speaking of pictures, these pictures are all taken by this pretty guest. I'm especially fond of the bus picture - a reference to our common love of the island Amager, which we decided to blog about some years ago. To our great misfortune, our activity comes in waves over there, but neither of us can get ourselves to throw in the towel. And I have a feeling very soon it will blossom once again :)

And speaking of Amager-lovers, you find another one at the second (with the beer brewed by Rasmus himself) and third picture, whom some of us like to call Prince Henry due to his flawless taste in clothing, music and of course the ladies (married to the pretty guest).

And speaking of flawless taste, Rasmus' orange/blue bow tie was knitted by this talented young lady. And with no more than three days on her hands, I might add, due to our very late planning!

Sorry, yet another very long post. It ends here.


Dennis said...

<3 og jeg elsker at det ser ud som om jeg har læbestift på, rødvin ftw!

Asli said...

Yay! Tak for link. Men psst: butterfly'en er hæklet - bare for at være sådan lidt pernittengryn, ikk? :-D

jagulor said...




xx Kym

Anonymous said...

Så fint og stort tillykke! :)
Og sikke et fantastisk hus, med skønne store vinduer! Er det jeres eller noget der kan lejes?

// Christina