Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Kurutta Nihon/狂った日本

Rasmus and I went to Japan last summer and spent five weeks travelling around the country. It's a crazy country with crazy people, crazy food (what's with the attraction to gel?), crazy architecture, crazy rules, norms, and rituals.

In my dictionary, crazy is both very attractive and just a bit repellent at the same time. Which makes it somewhere, you should definitely go.

What's your craziest destination yet? Pleeease tell me, I probably want to go there!


CopenhagenMuffin said...

ha ha, could you please tell something more about the second last picture? What is That about??

POP TART said...

oh yes! That is a religious suffering- we found it in a small temple village in the mountains near Osaka, and it looked quite common!

Usually with variations of the theme 'roots' in different settings. I especially love the canned pineapples - the thing is that vegetables and fruit of all kinds are dead expensive in Japan, so it's a very exclusive thing to get :)