Saturday, February 12, 2011


I LOVE TV! But do not have one... Which is why I only see things you can download or stream. And it also explains the gigantic amount of TV shows in my life, overcompensating for other TV phenomena that I don't have access to.

The argument is: if I can't see serious television then I am allowed to fill this extra time with TV shows.

These are some of the current shows that I watch. I love all of them. A lot.

What is your favourite show? I need mooore!


CopenhagenMuffin said...

jeg eeelsker Mad Man(selvfølgelig) og Greys - yeah!

Nå men, har du set Weeds? De første 2 sæsoner er fantastiske!!

Prøv det :)

jagulor said...

sadly mine is still David Letterman, but I do love United States of Tara


POP TART said...

CopenhagenMuffin - ææælsker Weeds! Har du set Angels in America? Der spiller Marie Louise Parker også sammen med Andy, som jeg ikke kan huske hvad hedder i virkeligheden. Virkelig god miniserie (to afsnit af halvanden time hver)!

Kym - yes, It's fantastic! Have you seen Nurse Jackie? It reminds me of United states of Tara in a way, same kind of humour or something :)

I have tred to be more into letterman, the daily show and these stuff, where you get some knowledge of something real, but unfortunately it doesn't really stick!

Good sunday to you two!

Rasmus Therkildsen said...

I was at work this weekend and felt excluded because I hadn't seen Entourage that apparently runs on its 7th season! That might be the new fix?

POP TART said...

Maybe! People have been pitching it to me before, but I haven't got around to really watch it yet. I saw the first five minutes of the first episode once, and rejected it without further ado! I'm very unpatient...

Laurie said...

Hello from Canada!
You should try Breaking bad... and Flight of the Conchords... and The Wire... and The Big Bang Theory!
All different, but all good. :)

POP TART said...

Hi Canada! I'm actually watching the wire as we speak :) It's really good, took me some time, though, to really get into it... The other ones are new and I will get to them right away! It's important to have back up shows when all the others are heading towards season finale - thanks!