Friday, February 04, 2011

On the Radio

I have three radios, one in each room  - it's very convenient. I have just added a clock radio to my all-year-wishlist, since it's sometimes too hard to turn off the alarm AND turn on the radio when you're not really awake. But I'm sure waking up to that warm and fuzzy radio talk will help me in the mornings. A lot.

Radio is my greatest news source, since you can do other things at the same time, and most days I don't have the time to read the whole news paper. What I like about a good old FM radio is what I like about television too; you can't necessarily chose and you don't have to either! I find it very relaxing not having to chose between all the fantastic programmes made each day.

Ungtblod made a really good podcast guide some time ago, which made me want to do podcasting more, though. And I will. Soon.

Anyways, I love my three radios. I have very strong feelings for the first one; a treasure from the flea market given to me by my friend Kristian.

The second one is also beautiful (especially the wooden cover on the speaker), but it's actually Rasmus', so I treat it like a "cared-for-but-not-deeply-loved"-step daughter.

The third one is quite ugly, really, and the reception is bad, but until I get my clock radio, it has to stay.

A whole different association is how the word 'radio' always reminds me of the Donna Summer song "On the Radio", which is perfect for friday afternoons - here is a fantastic live version (especially the intro) from - take a deep breath - MY birth year!

Have a great weekend!


jagulor said...

LOve the first cutie and the brown dotster

x Kym

Rasmus Therkildsen said...

I like the tomato sauce-spot on the wooden favorite, it gives a hint that radios in the near future might be categorized as basic kitchen tools - what they rightfully must be.

POP TART said...

Thanks and thanks - clean basic tools in the kitchen is a no go :)