Wednesday, February 02, 2011


Would you believe that I found all of these wonderful things in the bulky waste? Thrown out by their previous owners for some strange reason just to find a new home with me.

Okay, yes, the chair is a bit dingy, but it can be cleaned (and definitely will even though I haven't gotten my act together the last six months to do it), but I love the design and it fits right in with the rest of the old, inherited (as in: nobody wants them no more) furniture.

The book Kvinde kend din krop/Woman, know your body (!) is quite old, which suits the content from the 70'es perfectly. Under it lies the book about the penis and on top of it the bible. Great combination.

The vase is just beautiful, as are the two green cups also showed in yesterday's post. And there's a great story behind getting them. Embarrassing too. Here goes:

At the "we're moving out"-party at Rasmus' old apartment, which he lived in with six other people, somebody told me that nobody really wanted those perfectly green cups, and since so many different people had lived there, they didn't know to whom they belonged. So what do you do? You take them.

After a great amount of beer I put them in my bag. To my big surprise, I discovered the cups two days later, when I looked in the bag again. And it got even more embarrassing, when one of the old roommates contacted Rasmus, because she had seen me - in a not at all subtle way - take them and thought that maybe Jonas, the proud owner, wanted them back.

After thousands of apologies and bad excuses, he told me to just keep them.

So, here they are!    

Do you have any garbage at home?


Asli said...

I would say that you don't have garbage, but wonderful treasures :-)
And it's very nice of you to adopt all the furniture that noboby else wants.

I have a lot of second hand furniture but none found in the trash...yet :-)

la_sale_bete said...

Awesome finds!
Many of the dishes that I have were left on the street. Trash > treasure. It seems like a nice form of urban recycling, always leaving or taking something from the curb.

POP TART said...

Thanks for the "trash = treasure"-way of thinking, suits my demands perfectly!

And yes, urban recycling must be one of the most sustainable dynamics I can think of - but have you noticed how one's kriteria for usefulness is diminshed, when it comes to urban recycling? I often find myself wondering wether that screw or this ugly but comfortable chair might come in handy one day or not...