Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Too much coffee = too much dishwashing

Do you know the feeling of being ill-ish but not really ill? That's me today; I'm capable of doing things, just don't want to. One thing I have managed to do, though, is to take a picture every time I have had a coffee, and apparently I love those darn things.

Do you also know this strange phenomenon to have an idea of how something is, and once established it's impossible to change?

For example, it always takes me 15 minutes to go somewhere. No matter how far, it's always 15 minutes (on bike, of course), which means that I'm usually late for everything. Another idea is that I always have three coffees a day (doubles don't count) - not four, not two, but three.

Today I must have had five. And each of them in a different cup, which means a lot of dishwashing too. But if somebody asks me, I'll probably say three - and believe it too.

Some of you out there suffering from the same illness? I sure hope so!


mette/ungt blod said...

it takes me 30 minutes to get anywhere ... except maybe school... and work... but otherwise: 30minutes!

and somedays when it think "today im gonna drink alot of coffee" i only manage to drink three cups (quadruples don't count)

Astrid/CopenhagenMuffin said...

I'm always(Always!) 5 minutes late - that be if I am in fact 5 minutes late og half an hour late. Thank you sms for making it so easy to be 5 minutes late!

Sofie said...

I tell myself to sleep 8 hours every night. That's quiet a challenge, but the thought of it makes me feel less tired. :)

I also believe there is less sugar in a spoon of sugar than in a sugar cube. This means that I allow myself to take 2 large spoons instead of one cube when I want a sweet coffee.

Rasmus Therkildsen said...

true sms is a great invention when you're five minutes late. But what I prefer is the never failing thought transmission. Im convinced that it works every time and sometimes get upset when people just don't receive and blame me for being five minutes late! tsk!

POP TART said...

Thank God for quadruples + sms + self deception + thought transmission!

Whatever gets us going :)