Sunday, September 18, 2011


Two of our friends gave us a book to bring to Paris with different romantic assignments in it; one of them was to fold a boat and launch it into the Seine.

We made two, but only one of them made it - I made Rasmus crawl down while I held his pants to launch them closest to the water, but just a minute after a turist boat passed by and the most fragile boat drowned. Sad. But the other one sailed until we couldn't see it anymore. Hooray!


Katrine said...

Sikke en sød bryllupsgave!! Var den hjemmelavet?

Katrine said...

Og hey: Tillykke seføli! Jeres bryllup ser skæppe skønt ud!

POP TART said...

Tak Katrine! Og ja, den var hjemmelavet og kom med to t-shirts med henholdsvis 'bride' og 'groom' trykt på og et net, hvor der stod 'just married' på :-) Virkelig fin gave!