Tuesday, September 20, 2011

La Grande Arche

Another assignment in our Paris-book was to carve our letters in some wood. It rained the day before, so it was actually very easy! We carved our intials in a heart at the new Arc de Triomphe - La Grande Arche, where you have a straight line view to the old Arc de Triomphe, which makes it a perfect spot for the old finger-on-top-of-something-distant-but-very-big-photo trick. And, as you see, it turned out absolutely great!

The arc is made by the Danish architect Johann Otto von Spreckelsen and Danish engineer Erik Reitzel, and I can't help being very fascinated by it - it's so big and square.

Isn't it a great picture of windy Sailor-Rasmus? It looks like he's heading for The Promised Land.

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