Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Berlin without camera

In Berlin without my camera, so this is all you get!

A nice, smelly café in Neukölln, Landwehrkanal in Kreuzberg, and the fairly newly opened Tempelhofer Feld, the former airport. It was both scary and fascinating to bike around the field on the old runways, which haven't been planted or landscaped in any way; it's just the old and very amazing airport building and a huge field of nothing. No lights, no benches, no installations. Just nothing. I like it!


Anonymous said...

Kender du et godt hotel/hostel i Berlin?

tak for en god blog!

Esther said...

i will be in berlin in march, visiting my family. soo looking forward to it. btw: where are you??? haven't read from you since...

rotsax said...

yes, where are you???Alles in Ordnung???

POP TART said...

Hi everybody!

I'm so sorry I haven't answered any of you!! Everything is good, I'm just very busy writing my master thesis, so I decided very suddenly to stop blogging, because I found it too time consuming at the moment.

I might start again when I turn it in in a couple of months, but I'm not sure - I think maybe I enjoy reading blogs than doing it myself :)

Have a lovely day all of you!

Louise/Pop tart

topographics said...

nice photos! the light is catched perfectly.