Saturday, March 26, 2011

Up north

The view from Louisiana up the coast is incredible (the island is Swedish and called Veen) - being from Elsinore, I'm used to it, but still appreciate it, especially combined with wonderful paintings and good friends.

There's a great story behind the Picasso-iron head, don't know if you know it, so let me just tell it: Picasso lived and worked in Paris during WWII and stayed there when the city was occupied by the Nazis. With shortage on iron supplies for guns, it was illegal to use iron for sculpting and other useless things, so Picasso, pacifist as he was, made this head (and its big!) anyhow, and deliberately put it where everyone could see it in his studio as a huge fuck finger to the occupational people, when they came and inspected his place.

The last picture is of the candle holder I bought there, this time in action with fire and everything.

Have a great weekend!


la_sale_bete said...

I love the story behind Picasso's head!

POP TART said...

I wish I had the name and fame to do something similar :-)